I produce, mix and master records. I'm passionate about elevating the quality and impact of every project while staying true to its intent. Get in touch:

Selected examples of my work:

Yre Den - Inlight

Air Max '97 - Psyllium / Eat The Rich. Production, mixing.

FOURA - Can't Get My Head Around It

FOURA - Can't Get My Head Around It. Mixing, mastering

Yre Den - Inlight

Sally Spitz - Unchained. Production, mixing, mastering.

Yre Den - Inlight

Carousel (Cakeshop Seoul) - 8 years of Cakeshop. Mastering.

Swordman Kitala - Kimbalagala (HUNA & Kouslin Remixes)

Swordman Kitala - Kimbalagala (HUNA & Kouslin Remixes). Mastering.

Club Queen Records - CQ2

Club Queen Records - CQ2. Mixing, mastering.

Avtomat - Gusła (Human Rites)

Avtomat - Gusła (Human Rites). Mastering.

Kenta 204 - Scriptoria (feat.Laces & Spr1te)

Kenta204 - Scriptoria (feat.Laces & Spr1te). Mixing.

Silene - Ozaki EP

Silene - Ozaki EP. Mastering.

Avtomat - Gusła (Human Rites)

DECISIONS - Consequences. Co-mixing, mastering.

Daine - Bloody Knees (Nitecore)

Saturn - Splash. Co-production, mixing, mastering. Saturn - Sing It For The Boy (Ah-Mer-Ah-Su Remix). Mixing, mastering.

Daine - Bloody Knees (Nitecore)

daine - bloody knees (nitecore). Mixing, mastering.

Laughing Ears - Blue Dusk

Laughing Ears - Blue Dusk. Mixing, mastering.

Air Max '97 - Ice Bridge / Bruxis

Air Max ‘97 - Ice Bridge / Bruxis. Production, mixing.

Don Sinini - Love In The Dance

Don Sinini - Love In The Dance. Production, mixing, mastering.

QQBBG - Ring! Ring! Ring! Aishiteru

QQBBG - Ring! Ring! Ring! Aishiteru. Production, mixing.

DJ Plead - Get In Circle

DJ Plead - Get In Circle. Mixing.

A2A - A2A1

A2A - A2A¹. Co-production, co-mixing (with Aya).

Yre Den - Inlight

Yre Den - Inlight. Mastering.